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Tropical Leaves
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Spend your own time in a relaxing natural environment...
Self-discovery = Retreat

In Itoshima City, which is also popular as a power spot, you can see the sea and mountains, there is nothing to block, you can gaze at the horizon and feel nature.
The best location in Itoshima.

Depending on the season and time, the flow of clouds, the color of the sea, the voices of birds,
In the scenery of nature, each person feels differently.
Cherish the space that you want to come again,
I made a salon with the thought that I want to snuggle up.

Shirodhara is said to be the ultimate “untrained meditation” that allows you to enter a meditative state without realizing it.
When I myself visited Bali at a turning point in my life,
I was surprised at how comfortable and calm I was able to make decisions and how deeply I could relax after experiencing Shirodhara in the midst of nature.

For those who are tired from using their brains too much or who are about to forget who they are, I would like you to find yourself at "Retreat Itoshima", a private salon in the nature of Itoshima. .

People who are overwhelmed with their minds, and who are physically and mentally exhausted while giving top priority to their daily lives.
I want to be a salon that is needed by such people. I think.

Retreat Itoshima

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